Why plan your retirement?

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  which includes content, questions to ask yourself and exercises covering:

  • Introduction

  • Retirement - the great change and how we view it

  • Thinking about retirement - including identifying your hopes, concerns and aims

  • Finance in retirement

  • Working in retirement (paid and voluntary)

  • Hobbies and Leisure

  • Travel and holidays - new types of opportunity

  • Continuing education

  • Health & exercise

  • Moving house

  • Relationships

  • References and links for retirement information

  • Action planning (based on 9 categories and 4 fundamentals your plan needs to achieve)


Retirement is one of the most significant changes that you will ever experience!

Everyone approaches retirement from a different point of view and with a mix of emotions. Some of us will cope with it well and others will approach it with uncertainty and even fear. We should ideally think and plan for it well in advance, but few people do.

On top of this, planning for retirement is more important today than it has ever been. As retirees we are much healthier, much more active and can expect to live much longer – a whole new phase of life and opportunity is opening up. We need to think about making the most of the next 20-30 years.

About the online workshop

The laterlife Online Planning Retirement Workshop is based on our extensive experience of running Planning Retirement Workshops in locations around the country for retirees from both Public and Private sector organisations.

Our 'laterlife learning' tutors who run these events offline will guide you through similar material and thinking processes here on the web.

Our 12 workshop modules cover all the lifestyle aspects of enjoying your retirement. The financial side is just one of those modules.

An online workshop can never duplicate what you get from an event with other people - in particular the interaction and ideas you generate between you. However, with our 'virtual participants' in your own personal workshop and our 'virtual tutor', plus humour and anecdotes from our offline workshops we go some way to doing just that.

In addition we provide email access to one of our tutors at the end of the workshop to help you with outstanding questions.

The workshop is structured into a series of modules so you can progress at your own pace, spread them over a period of time and return whenever you want to. If you have a partner then you can work through the workshop independently or together. The workshop will help you develop your own plans with time for your joint interests and time for your own individual interests.

We've also designed it so that you can do some thinking offline if you wish and then come back, capture your thinking and progress on to the next step. In every case we will give you some guidance on how much time to spend on each step.

In addition to the workshop material we provide you with links to other useful sources of information on and off the web.

Making the decision

Don't drift into retirement. For a very modest investment you can transform how you approach retirement and the enjoyment and fulfilment you get from it. Make retirement what you plan to do, not what you plan not to do!

What people have to say

I just wanted to give you some feedback – somewhat late in the day - on your on-line workshop. I have greatly enjoyed it and found it very worthwhile – doing different modules separated by several days at a time I’m afraid, but that is the advantage of on-line!! It has certainly been a nice companion in helping me get myself organized in my first month after retirement.         Penny

I have just completed Module 4, Work and Retirement. I have to say I found it most helpful. It has given me so much to consider for my retirement in March next year. I have found a few places for voluntary work in which I would be very interested. I will also be purchasing a couple of the suggested books for self employment. Thanks again for the access to such an exceptionally high standard on-line course.               Helen

Click here to sign up for the online laterlife Planning Retirement Workshop


Not sure whether you would like to do our workshop online or offline?

You can try the online workshop confident that if you decide you would like to do an offline workshop, we will give you a refund of your online payment against the cost of the offline workshop.

Ideally you will be going through this workshop prior to your retirement. However, it is equally applicable if you have already retired but are still thinking about and planning how to make the most of your retirement. 

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