Planning Your Retirement Online

The most comprehensive and effective resource on the web for Planning your Retirement

from Planning Retirement specialists Laterlife Learning who have been running highly acclaimed Planning Retirement workshops all around the UK for over 8 years.


There are 3 major retirement information and online workshop components that we have brought together for you, according to whether you:

  • are planning your future retirement and deciding when to retire
  • are already retired and wanting to make the most of your retirement
  • prefer to read a series of guides covering every aspect of retirement, or prefer to be lead through a structured online workshop which gets you thinking and planning each aspect of your retirement

Many organisations pay for their retiring employees (and often their partners if relevant) to attend our real world workshops. If you aren't aware of just how much value planning retirement can be, then take a look at our introduction to 'Why plan your retirement'. Just as one quick example though, a study by the University of Greenwich showed a 19% increase in 'life satisfaction' in retirement if you had attended a Planning Retirement workshop.

The price of this online resource is just a fraction of the cost of a real world workshop. You can take a look at the content overview before you buy. You can buy online or call us to purchase as you wish. In addition if you should subsequently decide you would like to go on a real world workshop we will credit the cost of the online resource against the cost of a workshop. We are also so convinced that what we have provided here is of great value, that if you should sign up and decide you don't feel that is the case, we will refund your money - see our terms and conditions.

Retirement is a time of opportunity and choice and these days when we are in general so much fitter and live much longer we hopefully have some 20-30 years of good active retirement ahead of us.

So do take advantage of our retirement resource and take this step to make the most of those 10,000 days of retirement!


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